School hours


Gr R: 07:45 - 12:30 

Gr 1 & 2: Mon & Thu

               07:45 - 13:20

               Tue, Wed & Fri

               07:45 - 12:50

Gr3:        Mon & Thu

               07:45 - 13:50

               Tue & Wed

               07:45 - 13:20


               07:45 - 12:50

Gr 4 - 7:  Mon, Tue & Thu

               07:45 - 14:20

               Wed & Fri

               07:45 - 13:50

1st Break

09:45 - 10:05

2nd Break

12:05 - 12:20

Aftercare: 12:50 - 17:30



De Kuilen Primary

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Homework Policy

Homework forms an integral part of the teaching and learning activities of the school programme. It should be managed effectively so that it will not become a burden to learners, educators or parents.

Homework can be identified as tasks given by the educator, serving as an extension of classwork thus enhancing the learner's learning activities.

Homework is also part of the relationship between school and home, whereby the learner's education and development is supported.

Every learner must purchase a De Kuilen homework diary. All homework for the following day must be recorded daily in this diary.

All dates for tests, sport matches and dates for assessments must be recorded in this diary as well.

This diary may be checked / controlled by any educator at any time and should be availabe at school everyday. If it is discovered that homework has not been recorded regularly, detention points will be given accordingly.

Should a learner be absent, he/she is responsible for ensuring that all outstanding homework is completed and handed in. An arrangement should be made for all tasks handed out in his / her absence to be kept on his/her behalf by a friend.

Learners will receive detention points should homework not be completed by the stipulated date.

Learners will be given sufficient time to record the homework for the day in their diaries.

Under no circumstances may learners copy homework from each other.

Homework may not be done (completed) during any of the school periods.