School hours


Gr R: 07:45 - 12:30 

Gr 1 & 2: Mon & Thu

               07:45 - 13:20

               Tue, Wed & Fri

               07:45 - 12:50

Gr3:        Mon & Thu

               07:45 - 13:50

               Tue & Wed

               07:45 - 13:20


               07:45 - 12:50

Gr 4 - 7:  Mon, Tue & Thu

               07:45 - 14:20

               Wed & Fri

               07:45 - 13:50

1st Break

09:45 - 10:05

2nd Break

12:05 - 12:20

Aftercare: 12:50 - 17:30



De Kuilen Primary

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Social Services

Since 2010 De Kuilen Primary has the benefit of a fulltime social worker. The social worker attends to the emotional needs of our learners.

Learners who suffer to cope emotionally, whether it is at home or due to conflict at school, find a safe haven in the office of our social worker.

Families are supported with regards to parent-child relationship, behavioural problems, death, divorce and disciplinary issues. Complex cases where therapy is needed are referred to outside organisations.

Approximately 60 - 70 learners and their families are supported by our social worker on a monthly basis.

Soetlief Program

The Soetlief Program has been successfully presented at De Kuilen Primary for the past 3 years.  Through this program Gr 1 - 3 learners are taught an emotional language which helps them in expressing their feelings and also assist them with socialising with their peers.



Care Group

The care group consists of passionate and dedicated parents standing together to assist our less privileged learners.  Their goal is also to get more parents involved at De Kuilen Primary to also assist other learners and our teachers.  If you would like to get involved, contact the social worker for more information.